ABHA Torus (video)

Who is Randy Powell and why is he claiming that a 9 digit pattern called Vortex Based Mathematics (V.B.M.), interconnects all of science, all of technology and all of nature around a Donut?

Most of us are familiar with Albert Einstein and most famously his theory on general relativity (E=MC2). Einstein also theorized another idea where he attempted to connect general relativity with the forces of electromagnetism as a unified field theory. Unfortunately, Einstein was never able to make this theoretical connection, even though his theory of general relativity suggested the possibility.

Decades later – Along comes Marko Rodin whose unique mathematical perspective has hailed him as the official discoverer of the 9 digit pattern that is the foundation for what is known as Vortex Based Mathematics.

Randy Powell being a student to Marko’s work took the fundamental sequence and by implementing the formula into a 3-D model, the shape of a Donut revealed itself. Randy learned very soon that the shape of the Donut was the universal geometric design for maximum efficiency in energy transformation, and an ecological method by which the universe reprocesses matter.

V.B.M. gave Randy additional insight into explaining how everything in the Universe, from the elements of the periodic table, to why every pattern in nature – from the spiral in our galaxy, to our own DNA, are all toroidal based.

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