Stick storm, de nieuwe rage (video)

CreŽer je eigen stunts en laat ze spectaculair door de lucht springen met†Stick Storm†van†Goliath!

Gebruik de houten sticks om een lange baan te weven. Wanneer je ze los laat ontketen je een spetterende kettingreactie waarbij de sticks je om de oren vliegen!

Maak jij de spannendste en langste kettingreactie?

WII Cyberbike – Official Trailer (EN)

The Silver Lining/King’s Quest 9 Interview (video)

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King’s Quest fans! Ambitious Fan Project The Silver Lining Resurfaces July 10

Phoenix Online Studios is happy to announce the July 10th debut of The Silver Lining with “Episode 1: What is Decreed Must Be,” the first of a series of episodes that will be released throughout 2010. The highly-anticipated fan-made project will allow gamers to revisit familiar characters and lands inspired by Roberta Williams’ beloved King’s Quest universe, which captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of fans during ! the 80’s and 90’s.

In The Silver Lining, players will assume the role of King Graham as he sets out on a quest to save his children, Rosella and Alexander, from a mysterious curse. The episodes will be released as free downloads from “We played about 20 minutes of the first chapter, and now I’m dying to know how the story unfolds (…) this game nails it by feeling like a true heir to the throne,” said Joystiq in a recent preview of the game.

Phoenix Online Studios and Activision have worked together over the last few months to build a relationship that will enable The Silver Lining to be freely distributed to its eager fans.

For more information about The Silver Lining, the latest updates, or to join Phoenix Online Studios’ The Silver Lining community, visit

About Phoenix Online Studios
Established in 2004 and previously known as “Phoenix Freeware Online,” Phoenix Online Studios began as a group of King’s Quest fans coming together to create an unofficial sequel to the series. Their first project, The Silver Lining, has been called one of the most ambitious fan projects ever made and has garnered attention from publications such as PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World, Game Informer, Edge, GamesTM, Kotaku, and Joystiq, among others. The team is excited to finally unveil the long-awaited The Silver Lining to the world.

Phoenix Online Studios is currently working on their first commercial endeavors. More information about Phoenix Online Studios can be found on the company’s website,

Fietscontroller voor de Wii

wii-bike-controllerBig Ben Interactive komt met een eigen fietsgame. Het spel wordt geleverd met een heuse fiets-‘controller’, die ook kan worden gebruikt met Mario Kart. In het meegeleverde spel, Cyberbike, lost de speler al fietsend de milieuvervuiling op.

Big Ben Interactive introduceert een eigen fietsgame en een bijbehorende ‘controller’, die als hometrainer is vormgegeven. Big Ben, dat vooral bekend is als maker van accessoires voor consoles en handhelds, heeft het spel laten ontwikkelen door Neko Entertainment, dat vooral mainstream-games aflevert. Naast het bijgeleverde spel is de fietscontroller ook te gebruiken met Mario Kart Wii.

Cyberbike biedt de speler 18 verschillende circuits waarop kan worden gespeeld, waaronder circuits in de lucht en onder water. In de verhaalmodus is het de bedoeling om al fietsend de trajecten te verlossen van vervuiling en verontreiniging. Ook zijn er een fitness-modus en een multiplayer-optie aanwezig. Voor de multiplayer is het echter wel nodig dat mensen elkaar afwisselen; het is niet bekend of er, bijvoorbeeld in Mario Kart, ook met meerdere fietsen tegen elkaar kan worden gespeeld.


Segway and Nintendo Team Up on Wii Fit Plus Game

Live from Los Angeles, California we are at the E3 Expo announcing an exciting collaboration with //† For more than a year now, Segway has been working with Nintendo to develop a module for the recently announced Wii Fit Plus game.† The game is the next iteration of the widely popular initial release; Wii Fit, which comes with the balance board and is used to perform many exercises.† The Segway experience module is one of several balance games that players can enjoy.† Itís fun to play and is sure to bring a new version of that familiar Segway smile to everyone who gives it try.

Mii character rides a Segway x2 at the start of the gameSegway worked with Nintendo programmers to get the experience of riding a virtual Segway x2 in the game as close the actual experience as possible.† Give it a try and youíll see how much fun it is to master.† To operate the virtual Segway x2, you stand on the balance board and lean forward to make your Mii character ride forward.† To turn left and right, you lean a Wii remote left or right.† A combination of this activity sends your Mii in any direction you wish to travel.

But wait, there’s more!

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