Puma Punku And Tiwanaku In Bolivia (video)

The ancient sites of Puma Punku and Tiwanaku in Bolivia are thought by academics to be a maximum of 2000 years old, and created by a bronze age culture. This video will clearly show you that the original constructions are in fact much older, and made with Lost Ancient High Technology.

Ancient Aliens: The Mighty Shiva (Season 11, Episode 15)

Is the Indian god Shiva really an alien? How else could the Kailasanthar Temple have been built? Learn the theories in this collection of scenes from “Shiva the Destroyer.”

The Starchild Skull: Disclosure’s Smoking Gun – Lloyd Pye (full video)

Verloren stad van Piramides gevonden in de jungle van Ecuador (video)

This is the first footage from an ancient Ecuadorian Pyramid site being explored for the first time in perhaps millennia. Filmed in Spring of 2013, it shows the incredible stone work and immense size of this mysterious megalithic pyramid structure.
Perhaps most mind blowing of all is the size of the stone hammer heads found scattered around the area, it is hard not to think of the local legends of giants and a possible connection to the Anunnaki linked gold relics found not so very far away at the Tayos caves.

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Yonaguni-Japanese Atlantis (video)

Ancient Aliens: Hidden Planet of the Inca (video)

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