Graham Hancock Breaks the Set on TED Censorship, Lost Civilizations & War on Consciousness (video)


  • Mr Graham Hancock, talks about the possibility of Atlantis.
    Curiously enough In my Book “contact met het licht”their is a story about the lifes(re-incarnations) of a soul.
    One of the lifes happends to occur in Atlantis. The soul was then a Scientist, who discovered a new technology, This technology could be used for peace but also for bad things to happen. The soul was manipulated and choose to experience for the bad things and with the technology discovered, he destroyed accidently Atlantis totaly.
    It is a strange story. But never the less out of a very special source (Full trance writing)
    A second source was the words of a medium “Joop van Limbeek”(He was a trance medium and a clair voyance man) who did comment on the bermuda driehoek, that there was a energy source From the past out of Atlantis, which was triggered some times through special radio frequencies on board of ships or planes today, whereby a special device was triggered in space to send concentrated energy beams to earth out of our solar system.
    A pitty was that the plane or ship, who triggered this source, directly would be hit by this source of energy, because it passed that corridor of triggering of that energy beam at the trigger-time..

    \as far as I know, are this 2 real informations which direct to the existence in the past of Atlantis.
    Both sources are very special.

  • Graham Hancock is one of the most important people who dare to think out of the box…. //

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