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sea shepherdThe Netherlands wants to ban the controversial anti-whaling organisation Sea Shepherd from sailing under the Dutch flag. Public Works State Secretary Tineke Huizinga said Friday she wants to amend the law quickly to make this possible.

The American organisation Sea Shepherd has two ships sailing under the Dutch flag. The Netherlands provided the necessary certificate of registry for this in 2007, after Sea Shepherd had promised in writing not to use violence and to comply with the safety rules. Nonetheless, a number of incidents have taken place between Sea Shepherd ships and Japanese whalers in the Antarctic.

Japan has repeatedly complained to the Netherlands about the Sea Shepherd. It appears difficult at the moment to take action against ships that do not comply with the rules, so the cabinet wants to speedily extend its legal options for withdrawing certificates of registry, according to Huizinga.

The dutch government is thinking to change the dutch law so they can prevent Sea Shepherd ships to continue sailing under the dutch flag.

This can NOT happen. As a dutch citizen,I’m proud that the Steve Irwin vessel sails under the dutch flag ! Violence??? There’s no worse violence than illegally killing whales in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary,slaughtering seals and skin them alive,plundering the oceans ! Sea Shepherd is doing the job in conservation,something that all governments in this world FAIL at!!!!! All supporters of Sea Shepherd Unite!

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  • Johan

    the Japanese violate the peace of the whales under the flag of “”reasearch”” an then sell the meat on the market to begin with let them whine somewhere else let the dutch goverment as a protest against the Japanese actions stop Japanese products
    screw the Japanese, i’dd say put a harpoon into every %!^@@& Japanese human-being u might see do not i repeat NOT donate any money to them for their problems with the hurricanes until they agreed to stp their whaling activities until they agreed upon doing so i’dd say let them die

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