Revelation of the Pyramids (video)


  • L.S.
    The video’s are very impressing, but do not reveal new theories about the pyramids. It is a merely a collection of what we already know about the Pyramids.
    But What I am missing is the fact that nothing is mentioned about the spirituality of the acient egypt.
    As you know the high-priests of Egypt (Tempel of ISIS) were altogether very important mediums. Without that kind of speciality, you could not be a high priest. Their Job was to inform the Pharao about the spirit world. They gathered during the night in special sessions and the best of them, the medium with the big wings, was laying down on a stone bed in the middle of the chamber and wend out of his body. The rest (most of the twelf Priests)tried to follow his spirit in the afterworld. When they could not follow anylonger the spirit of wings, They asked him questions where he was now and what kind of world he saw, .
    All the questions were writtten down and all the answers were carved in hyroglyves of stone/graniet.
    The answers were given to the Pharao and the stone carvings were saved for the next generations. Perhaps (I Could think of the possibility) that they were Hidden in the huge boxes under the pyramid of Cheops, like a giant library of knowledge, saved for the later generations.
    WE all know that the Pyramids were robbed again and again, and we all know that Secret services of all over the
    world were gathering info, which info was not publicised, but hide away.
    We know that the pyramids contain an enormes amount of knowledge and we did not even scratch the surface yet of this knowledge of thousand of years and numoures sessions of out of body experiences.
    So A lot of info were stolen By accident and/or by purpose and robbed away from these pyramids.
    (PS to be a high priest, you had to control animals (even lions-snakes and whatever) in a closed area.
    When you could not do that (the Priests were trained for such events) , you were eaten alife so automatically could not become a priest or high priest.)

  • As the gathering of the high priests in the temple of ISIS were most important, the information was a little kindish alike. when you would compare the information which is given in the 28 books of Jozef Rulof.
    These latest info is very important and goes behond the knowledge of the high priest.
    The entities of the afterworld have trained and prepaired Jozef Rulof, to Play the role of Instrument for them in order to get the latest and total information how the afterworld look like, out to the world; A kind of new Bible with the real knowledge. The Old bible is so often new written by the religions to serve their own religion.
    So more than half of the bible are lies and stories which did not happen. For the people of today The biblie is meaningles and you better throw it away.
    The re-incarnations of Rulof before this life was sceduled to end up as the big informer of the new world.
    One of his re-incarnations was a life as high priest in the tempel of ISIS, as the man with the wings, So he made a lot out of body experiences.
    And his last life as an instrument he made thousands of journeys in the afterlife, so he could first hand see what it was al about, before it was written down by an master entity from above.
    In such a way Rulof could digest all the news and knowledge out of the afterworld without getting crazy. The afterworld helped him a lot to survive as a human, by proctecting him 24/7
    The first book is ; Een blik in het hiernamaals ( a vieuw into the Afterworld.)

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