Segway and Nintendo Team Up on Wii Fit Plus Game

Live from Los Angeles, California we are at the E3 Expo announcing an exciting collaboration with //  For more than a year now, Segway has been working with Nintendo to develop a module for the recently announced Wii Fit Plus game.  The game is the next iteration of the widely popular initial release; Wii Fit, which comes with the balance board and is used to perform many exercises.  The Segway experience module is one of several balance games that players can enjoy.  It’s fun to play and is sure to bring a new version of that familiar Segway smile to everyone who gives it try.

Mii character rides a Segway x2 at the start of the gameSegway worked with Nintendo programmers to get the experience of riding a virtual Segway x2 in the game as close the actual experience as possible.  Give it a try and you’ll see how much fun it is to master.  To operate the virtual Segway x2, you stand on the balance board and lean forward to make your Mii character ride forward.  To turn left and right, you lean a Wii remote left or right.  A combination of this activity sends your Mii in any direction you wish to travel.

Mii character rides Segway x2 on the beach in chase of one of the balloonsThe objective of the game is to pop balloons that appear across the terrain.  As you do, you’ll get closer toward the goal of awaking a mole-like creature that pops up at the end and tries to run away from you.  To help, you have a dog traveling with you that can be send ahead to stun him so that you can catch up and be victorious.

Mii character and dog head off on the huntThe collaboration likely doesn’t come as a huge surprise for those who follow the technology in the Wii gaming console and peripherals such as the balance board.  The Wii Remote, for example, contains small gyroscopes that sense angular momentum in a similar fashion to how a Segway PT’s platform senses when you shift your center of gravity forward or backward.

For Segway, the game is a fun extension of the brand experience.  Everyone who has always been interested in giving a Segway x2 a try now has a fun new way to do so (albeit not quite the real thing).  Wii Fit Plus is expected to be available in time for the holidays from Nintendo Authorized Resellers worldwide.

In addition, stay tuned to The Last Mile and @SegwayInc on Twitter for live updates from the announcement at the E3 Expo here in Los Angeles.

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