Steun de Sea Shepherd/Support the Sea Shepherd

Dit is de reden waarom we de Sea Shepherd moeten steunen……

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Foozle @ youtube: “For all those who care for the magestic ocean sweepers – the whales, and all other marine life. Whaling is wrong in every way. The ocean wildlife of the world exist for their own reasons, they were not made for humans to slaughter. It is still not known if some species will ever recover. The statistics say it all. The blue whales of the Antarctic are at less than 1 percent of their original abundance, despite 40 years of complete protection under the International Whaling Commission policy. Commercial whaling has been banned since 1986, except for “scientific” purposes. the Japanese government continues its whaling in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary. They claim that their whaling is entirely for the purpose of “scientific research”, yet they take the meat home on an enormous factory ship and serve the whale-meat up in restaurants as a delicacy. Which part of eating whales constitutes “scientific research”? The fact that they’re killing off some of the most beautiful and harmless animals on earth to the point of extinction, and our government is letting them get away with it is absurd.”

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