Blood Dolphins: Return to the Cove

For more, visit //… Ric O’Barry is back! Animal Planet picks up where the Academy Award-winning documentary “The Cove” left off as Ric and his son Lincoln expose dolphin hunting in Japan and around the world.

Dolphin plays with bubble rings

Surfing Dolphins

Stunning pictures as hundreds play among some monster waves. These huge breakers would put the fear of God into most surfers. But when you’re a dolphin, they can only mean one thing: Playtime.

Gliding effortlessly through the ocean these masters of the ocean made light work of waves up to 25 feet high.

In pods of up to 400, the creatures crowded into the swell of the water as it broke. And with seemingly little effort they tore through the surf, leaping high in the air as they went.

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